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Translating for Winning


All our translations are done solely by experienced professional translators,who always work into their mother tongue.

Our global network employs over 400 translators,mastering more than 100 language combinations.

To ensure stylistic continuity in your documents over time, we entrust all your work to the same translator.

At the start of our cooperation, depending on the language combinations, we send you work carried out by several translators on the same sample so that you can choose the best stylistic rendering in line with your other documents. This service is entirely free of charge for you.

Unlike most other translation agencies, ABAQUE will never apply a fixed minimum charge in the
invoice. We will group together all the work that you entrust to us in a given period (week, two weeks, month or quarter) so as to issue you with a single invoice for the period.

Rates for our translations revision or proofreading are charged on a source word basis using a word count performed in Word. For all other page layout or interpreting services, rates are charged per hour, to which travel expenses may be added for interpreting.